Hoe bouwt Yurt.be een yurt


Today's yurt has been adapted to the western climate and retains the Mongol soul

en behoudt de Mongoolse ziel

yurt bouwen begint met stevige grondstructuur
beam structure as a foundation

Bar structure determines the strength of your platform

yurt bouwen voorbereiding dak
insulation and floor

A well-insulated floor ensures comfort

yurt bouwen manueel vlechten buitenkant
building walls

Each part is tied together

yurt bouwen eerste zeil leggen
inner cloth

placing the cotton inner cloth

lichtkoepel voor yurt
skylight for yurt

A double insulated skylight made of PC (200 x stronger than glass) that opens and closes.
100% waterproof dome and ideal for the ventilation of the yurt

yurt opbouwen voorportaal in hout
waterproof canvas

Heavy polycotton keeps our yurt dry. To maintain the harmony in nature, it has a nice green color

yurt bouwen voorbereiding dak
yurt build roof preparation

The yurt's skeleton is fully constructed

yurt bouwen aanbrengen isolatie
isolation of the yurt

8 cm thick insulation for everyday comfort

yurt opbouwen voorportaal in hout

Protects the door and windows from the rain and sunshine. It is possible to make a separate compartment for shoes and coats here, so that the floor of the yurt is always kept clean

kachelpijp voor yurt

Double insulated flue pipe, because your safety comes first

yurt in de natuur

A beautiful outdoor terrace is possible, let your creativity run free and now it is time to ENJOY in connection with Nature


If you can place the yurt yourself, we will guide you through an instruction video with the construction of the yurt.

If you need help, we can of course put you in touch with experienced yurt installers who come as close as possible to your region.

Our yurts

1) the “Mongol SOUL”, while retaining all elements, traditional craftsmanship and practicality while maintaining the golden rule.

2) In keeping with our Western comfort requirements anno 2020: European materials that are not available in Mongolia:

  • Insulation of 8cm thickness from sustainable recycled cotton
  • Double insulated glass
  • Windows for more natural light
  • Ventilation through a double insulated skylight
  • Waterproof canvas
  • Fireproof double stove pipe with pulling hood (hat)

What is the difference with the mongolian yurt

Our yurts are adapted to the weather conditions and comfort of our region. We list some differences

  • Insulation: 2 cm wool insulation

    The mongolian wool insulation is excellent for over there but it exudes a sheep odor. Wool insulation is insufficient for our european climate.

  • Double glazing in Mongolia

    Double glazing in Mongolia can only be filled with air, which increases the risk of condensation. We offer high-efficiency glass filled with argon that insulates better

  • Double insulated polycarbonate skylight

    Our skylight is double insulated polycarbonate (200x more impact resistant than glass) instead of urg or plexiglass windows. Plexiglass can leak through the cracks in the dome

  • Canvas

    Canvas in Mongolia is less densely woven and is not waxed.

  • Double stovepipe

    Here one uses a double flue pipe versus a silicone flue pipe feedthrough in Mongolia, which unfortunately is not 100% fireproof

  • No paint decoration

    No paint decoration to hide inferior wood quality under chinese lead paint